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What we're exploring

The Tourism Summit explores "tourism for good" as an exciting way to futureproof your business for tomorrow's travellers. With many of the most forward-thinking businesses in the UK becoming B Corp-certified and hospitality organisations improving their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials, the summit will provide practical guidance on why becoming a more ethical and sustainable tourism business will also lead to greater profits.

Many ESG values will be discussed and analysed including sustainability, inclusivity and authenticity within a framework of what tomorrow's travellers will demand from tourism businesses, helping you become more relevant to the next generation of tourists.


Buy your ticket for £125

What your ticket offers:

  • • Hear from a fantastic line-up of inspirational speakers and pioneers to share the practical ways you can futureproof your business today.
  • • Opportunity to network with peers and partners in the hospitality industry.
  • • Interactive workshops.
  • • Refreshments and a fabulous lunch from the kitchen of renowned chef, Matt Mason.


Nadia Higham
Purpose & passion


Have you ever felt so passionate about something it makes you want to burst from the inside out? This is the fire inside we want to stir. The local visitor economy needs you. People with passion, people with purpose. Delivering exceptional and authentic guest experiences - stirring travel dreams. 

Join us to discover how to communicate your authentic travel experience with passion through emotive marketing and creativity that connects hearts and minds. 

Tourism Summit Drawing
Come as you are


Whoever you are, you're welcome. Our gathering is not just about the heavy stuff, but celebrating and encouraging inclusivity across our industry. It's not about quotas or staged photography but mutual respect, thought and kindness for all people.

Explore with us what it means to build an authentic, inclusive community. Just come as you are.

Committed & collaborative


Overtourism is a serious issue and we're at a point where sustainability is a 'must have' for a viable tourism sector in the future. Travellers are wise to green-washing. Businesses need to demonstrate grass roots action today to attract tomorrow's tourists. But sustainability is more than ecotourism, it's about moving from a recyling mentality to a circular economy for the environment, people and profit.

Build a circular economy together and take responsibility now for generations to come.

A new tourism community starts here With change for a brighter tomorrow - tourism for good.
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